Monday, February 25, 2008


I never liked yo-yos. They always reminded me of old people. Not that old people are bad, it's just one of those things for me. Anyhow, I never liked yo-yos until I discovered the yo yo flower maker! I think these are wonderful, I have big plans for making little hair ties, borders on baskets, bouquets on jean skirts and all sorts of other things. I may at some point decide to try making a circle yo yo wall hanging. I seriously under appreciated this art form!


trashalou said...

Serious with the underappreciation? B/c I have always felt the same about those little puffy shapes.

Well, okay I shall watch how yours all turn out!

JoAnna said...

They have been grwoing on me slowly until pop! I saw yours and now I am feeling the love! very sute. Maybe you could do a tutorial???:)