Wednesday, August 27, 2008

New Decade

These are the super amazing sunny flowers that my honey gave me for the celebration of the 3rd decade of my life. I love them. I love that he go me these and not roses or carnations. They were exactly what I needed and are perfect. I can't believe 30 years! I will make a choice now to embrace it. To be more confident. To accomplish things I set out to accomplish, not to stress and to enjoy more. This will be a good new chapter.

Monday, August 18, 2008


Part of a " pretty things" set that I'm working on

Thursday, August 14, 2008

First Day

I now have 1 at home, one in Kindergarten and one in 3rd. Where does the time go? How do you schedule your day in 3 hour segments? Lots of limited free time....

Custer Cemetary

One thing that we did up in South Dakota this year was check out the very old cemetary. It was my kids first time visiting the cemetary. I love coming to them. They are such peaceful places. In High School there was one not too far from my house. I spent a lot of time walking through it when my parents thought I was in bed, or during the day with my friends. It was fun to take the kids here and watch their eyes light up as they "discovered" history. We did grave rubbings....
This one was a little sad, from the late 1800s. a little 2 year old girl and her parents
This headstone was my favorite. Just simple made from native rocks and chunks of glass, also very old from mid 1800s

Ice Blocking

We did this all the time in Idaho growing up. You take a block of ice that is only big enough for your bum, sit on it and slide down a hill. Super cheap and super fun. Funny thing is nobody here that I've talked to has ever heard of doing this. I took a bunch of friends to the park and opened their eyes to it. It was loads of fun until all the kids decided that the ice was too heavy to drag up the hill.

fabric pom pom

New fave around here: Fabric pom poms. Super cute and super easy, I'm thinking these would be great on top of Christmas presents