Sunday, February 17, 2008

Anyone up for an Easter Swap?

I really love Easter. I love candy Robbins eggs, the pretty colors, fake plasticy colored grass, MilkyWay eggs, hiding baskets, dying eggs, hiding eggs, fuzzy animals and Spring. It's always been one of my faves. So, on that note, I think it would be tons of fun to do an Easter themed Swap. Send me your name and info via e-mail at jezzc at hotmail dot com. I'll send you the name of someone to mail a fun Easter package to then I'll send your name to meone else. You can put whatever items you like in it, as long as there's an Easter theme and one handmade item. You must say if you're willing to ship international and deadline to ship out is March 15. That's a little under a month to do this. Make sure it's something that you would like to recieve as well. Tell everyone you know and let's get hoppin! Deadline to sign up will be this Friday the 22. I'll e-mail who you'll be shipping to by next Monday. Thanks!!


trashalou said...

See... Now I would have said 'yes you bet!' but I have just last week decided that I am all swapped out for at least six months and then broke that decision just last week by joining Lucy Locket Recycled Her Pocket's swap.

If you had just caught me last Thursday I could have blamed you for my lapse rather than her ;-P

Jennifer said...

I have been trying very hard to avoid the siren call of swaps, but I've been very good and I love, love, love Easter and so I must join yours! I like how simple you've made this, and I did mention it on my blog -- hope you get lots of takers.

Raesha D said...

I'm in too:) I'll email you:):)