Sunday, April 27, 2008

Kids in a tree

Just finished this papercut. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it yet.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Recycled crayons

My little guy and I made these this afternoon out of old crayons. We'll do more tomorrow with more colors.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Best Book

This finally came in the mail today. I saw it last month sometime at the bookstore and did not want to pay full price for it. I found it on Amazon for a fraction of the price. I'm starting to gather things together to gear up for summer vacation. This one is going to be great to do with my mini me! Check out all the cool stuff in it.... The girl on the cover is a paper doll that pops out. It's to help teach you how to sew using a pattern. There are step by step instructions to sew a cute outfit for each season.

The red sweater is made using a cut up glove, so clever!

I love the badge idea. I'm thinking we may have to have goals over the summer. When we accomplish one we'll make our own badge and sew it o a tote bag or something.
There's also step by step instructions for knitting. This picture of a fingerless glove is upside down. I'm too tired to deal with redoing it, so stand on your head to look at it I guess.
Also knitted fruit, oranges, cherries, strawberries,

Cute fabric charms. What a good way to use scraps. A bunch of these would look cute on a bedroom door or hanging from flower boxes outside. I think we'll get a lot of good use out of this. There's also embroidery, spool knitting pom pom making etc..
After having temps in the 80's yesterday and going to 2 inches of snow outside right now, I'm so ready for summer. I love getting all of the activities and everything together. I also love having unscheduled play time. Sigh!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Fabulous handles

Here is a sneak peek at what I've been up to the past couple of weeks. Thanks to Lisa and Elizabeth I was able to make my kitchen lovely. It was so super gross before. The cabinets were gross dirty brown with ugly hardware. We painted them white and then I found these amazing blue glass handles on the internet. I so love them!
My Dad whipped up this new cookbook shelf for me. Now I just need new counter tops, buy the Amy Butler material for the curtains and cut the oilcloth tablecloth out and we'll be set. I love it so much it makes me a little sad to think about selling it!
In other news, I received my I Dream of Spring Swap Package from my secret swap partner, Stefanie over at artsymomma. I really LOVE it!
Look at that wreath, isn't it cute? Also included were vintage cookie cutters, a little statue, a vintage jewelry box and my fave...
These fabric covered embroidery floss cards. The materials are so pretty! Thanks so much Stefanie!!

The winner is....

We matched each comment to a number and threw all the numbers in a tea cup. Then we drew one out and the lucky winner is.....

Debi in California! Thanks so much Debi! Actually, I'm so grateful to all of you who check in with me that at some point in the next few months I would like to send each of you a little token of my gratitude. I have some addresses, but if you want a fun surprise in the mail, I need addresses from: Danielle, Aimee, Esther, Darlene, Jason, Mushroom Meadows, and Trashalou. Please e-mail me at jezzc at hotmail dot com. I am indeed grateful to you all. Thankyou!