Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Christmas Journal

Here's another great idea borrowed from the Good Neighbor Moki. It's actually one of several big projects I've been working on that I just need to post about. Anyhow, the idea is to keep a journal through the month of December. You can put in it pictures, cards, have the kids write their thoughts in it, souvenirs from the day, whatever you want, then you have this great remembrance for next December of all the good things that happened this year. I love the idea! So, I went out and got myself a "C" encyclopedia. After many questions to Moki I went and found an old cookbook. I ripped all the pages out of the encyclopedia, ripped the binder section out of the cookbook, glued and reglued the rings into the book, covered it in bright cheery oilcloth, stuck some custom made pages in it, and voila, my Christmas Storey. How's that for a run on sentence? I really love how the pages turned out with the torn edges. I'm excited to start filling it up next week.... Already next week!

Thursday, November 20, 2008


This week we took some time to make donuts. We made both real ones and felt ones. They both look tasty, but only one was soooo good to eat. Actually, good enough to eat and eat and eat. Probably should stick to the felt ones.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

tasty treats

Today was a Baby shower for my good friend Wib News who should be having her baby in a week. There was lots of yummy food, but these were my contribution: baby cinnamon rolls and
baby chocolate cream pies. I ate too many and now feel sick, but it was totally tasty and totally worth it!

Friday, November 14, 2008


When I can't sleep, I lay in bed for hours trying to fall back asleep. Wen this guy can't sleep he sits on the kitchen counter and draws pics of "me and Daddy skateboarding".

Forget it!

I tried really hard to do the whole blogging every day thing. It's just not going to work. I have a lot that I've made, but can't show since it's that magical Christmas time of year. Some things need to be a surprise! Instead today I give you my water baby. I love these 2 pics. The first is one of him this morning in the tub. A lot of days I wish I was still little enough to take a bath and have the water come all the way up to my shoulders. The other pic gives me a lot of joy. Over the summer any time it would rain he would run outside to the gutter. He plants his little toes in the mud and holds his hands under the down spout to feel the rain water pour over his little fingers. Oh the joys of being small and discovering things!

Leaves and Lean To's

Do you ever have one of those Saturdays that is so fantastic, because you don't have to do anything? That was our Saturday last week. We had no obligations, so we played in the yard. After years of having a postage stamp size yard, it's wonderful being able to go out and play. It's wonderful having leaves to jump in. We cut down limbs that were falling down anyway from past storms.
C worked really hard on making herself a lean-to, as she calls it. I was actually really impressed with how it turned out, especially since she did it all herself.

And really are there many things in life that are better than running and jumping in leaves in footy pajamas?

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Lucha Libre

Sublime Stitching Lucha Libre pattern, part of yet another Christmas present! I think this is one of my faves. At some point I'm going t make one for B. He loves Nacho Libre. I can't wait to do this one again. I plan on using more satin Stitch and brighter colors, however, I am thrilled with this one.


( in front of the SLC temple 2005)
I have to say how grateful I am for religion and to be able to go to a church of my choosing. I am grateful for all that I feel my religion offers me. I love going to church every week and feeling uplifted. Here were a few of today's highlights.
How to Find Lasting Happiness instead of counterfeit:
Ask is this real?
Does this really matter?
Are my motives pure?
It our choice to be happy, or our choice to be miserable. It's something we decide.
I was really blown away by this talk. Last night I was having a pity party for myself and My dear friend the Good Neighbor said almost the exact same thing to me. I know that Heavenly Father speaks to me through my friends. I truly believe that He sticks people in my life and inspires them to say exactly what I need to hear at the time. I really sit up and pay attention when He makes sure I hear it more than once. It must be a message that I really need. OK, I choose to be happy!
The other great thing I heard today was this:
A member of the bishopric was counseling a young couple about to be married. He said to them in every marriage there are 4 little words that need to be spoken often, lovingly and tenderly. With these 4 little words you will eliminate fighting and just be a happier couple. They are " We can't afford it".
I loved that because that's something I need to work on telling myself. My husband says those words as he's breathing. It's so important to not have debt and so hard. I'm thankful for a husband with great financial self restraint. In a day of economic tsunami so to speak, it really is better to just hang onto your money. The three things we were told to ask ourselves before we make a purchase are:
Can we afford it?
Do we want it?
Will it affect our devotion and testimony?
I am grateful for leaders who are wise and inspired. I am grateful to feel really happy today for the first time in a long time. It's amazing how you can decide to tell yourself to do something and then just do it.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

guitar hero

Part of a Christmas present. Don't you hate it when you make something and it's not quite what you thought it would be, but you have to go with it because you spent so much time on it and there's not time to redo it? I would have done 2 electric guitars with this set. The acoustic doesn't really fit in and I don't really like the colors on the electric, but oh well, it will have to do!!

Miss Amy

Why Can't Joanns carry Amy butler things so that I can use my coupon on them?! I just found these free patterns on her page today. I will be making this snow mum pillow sometime this weekend, but probably with a pink flower and brown background, maybe with some ric rac somewhere in there. Everything is cuter with ric rac! And, look at these gift sashes. Can you imagine getting beautiful gifts wrapped

How to be Really Alive

A long time ago I went to Tinkertown with Moki and picked up this postcard. I have kept it on my fridge ever since. My favorite ones are Dream of Gypsy Wagons, Dry your clothes in the Sun, Keep Toys in the Bathtub, Celebrate an Old Person and Delight Someone. I try to look through this often to remind me not to such a pessimist

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Monkey Luv

Sublime Stitching Monkey Love pattern, part of a Christmas present.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Living Craft

I was finally able to find the Fall issue of Living Craft. Most of this issue focuses on wool. Take a peek at some of the yumminess in this issue: Needle felted hedgehogs, there's actually a whole story that comes with it.
How cute is this little owl and these little sheep!

Who wouldn't want a needle felted pumpkin basket filled with felted acorns as their centerpiece for Thanksgiving?

Adorable how to on making crowns for little ones

I hear the Winter issue is going to be the best one yet! Fortunately I found this issue way into fall, so I shouldn't have to wait long for the next one!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Don't let the bed bugs bite!

Sometime last year I was reading NieNies' blog. I am continually inspired by her strength and courage and constantly have her in my prayers, but that is a whole different post. Anyhow, she wrote how one thing she did every night was go around to her children's rooms before she went to bed to check on them. She would lean over and kiss them and then whisper secrets into their little sleepy heads. I remember being so taken with that idea that I started doing it that night and have been doing it ever since. It's fun to try and come up with something new every night. It's fun to hear them sigh as I walk away.

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Now that Halloween is over, is it ok to come out publicly that all I can think about is Christmas? Honestly, I am in a panic that it's already November, am I the only one who feels this way? By the way, did you hear of the challenge to blog every day in November for National Blogging Month? I may just have to try that out amid all the other self-induced chaos, why not?