Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Something to do

Here is a list of 60 things to do if your kids get whiny about having nothing to do. I posted it last year. If I had more energy this year,I would have reread it and added things to it. There's still lots of good ideas though, so have fun!

1. Mosaic pavers for the garden
2. Tiddly Winks with buttons
3. Marbles
4. Play in the pool
5. Make paper dresses
6. Make hot pads
7. Do latch hook
8. Make a bracelet
9. Cats Cradle
10. Tea party picnic
11. Make an iceberg
12. Balloon volleyball
13. Bean bag toss
14. Clothes pin race
15. finger puppet play
16. marble bowling
17. Write a secret message
18. Wash doll clothes
19. Write a letter
20. lacing cards
21. leaf rubbing
22. Do a puzzle
23. Art in the dark
24. Etching coloring
25. Knock Knock card
26. Make pom poms
27. jump rope.
28. Paper Airplanes
29. Simon Says
30. Red light Green light
31. coin toss in a muffin tin
32. Fashion plates
33. Chalk coloring
34. Make a treasure map
35. Brick Garden
36. Paper hats
37. Read a book
38. Paper doll chain
39. get a tadpole.
40. Make cookies
41. Fabric flowers
42. Go to Barnes and Noble to look at books and play checkers
43. paint rocks
44. make play dough
45. Play with play dough
46. knit something
47. Work on a Brownie Patch
48. Build a sandcastle
49. Press flowers
50. Make dresses out of pressed flowers
51. Bean bag tic tac toe
52. Hopscotch
53. Make bagels
54. Take a hike
55. Make nature bracelets by wrapping packing tape around your wrist like a bracelet with the sticky side out and sticking things to it while on your walk
56. Embroider something
57. Play t-ball
58. Sit outside and look at stars while eating microwaved smores
59. Go antiquing
60. take a nap ;)
I hope this gives you ideas if you need them!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

What a Whirl

Oh my goodness, we are so busy this week, and actually have been for the past few weeks. We decided that spending close to 400 a month is a bit too much. We need to move somewhere more centralized to everything that we do. We put our house up to rent and found a very cute little old lady and her friend to rent it out to. At the same time we found this great house that was bank owned and put a bid on it. We won the bid and are going to close on it either Friday or Monday. Hopefully on Friday, so we can move over the weekend. Then we have 2 weeks to fix things up. We need to get all new appliances, take care of the radon problem, plumb for gas in the kitchen, paint everything, clean the carpets and unpack. I can't wait! The yard is huge. The house is a lot bigger. It backs up to an elementary school. I'm super excited to get in and paint. I'm really excited, because I will also get my own studio space. That's going to be a huge change from the back of my closet right now. I'm still trying to devise a plan to get a chandelier in there. Every studio needs a chandelier. Trying to make this happen and figuring it all out and all the stress that comes along with all that has consumed me for the last few weeks. I will be so glad when it's actually happening.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Beep bo beep bop

That is the sound a robot makes. Today I was a good Mom and B and I quilled a robot. Then we went for a walk and came home and played Shrek video pinball. I'll have to repost the list sometime of 72 things to do in the summer when you hear "I'm Bored!"