Monday, October 29, 2007

More China Free

So, Jennifer, at Infinity More Monkeys is an amazing person. I still can't figure out the whole link thing, writing in my blog, but please click on her in my side bar to check her out. I so super appreciate the support for the China Free Christmas that she's given me. It's wonderful to feel like you're doing something impossible, but knowing that you have support out there for it. Just maybe we'll make a difference! If that makes any sense.
Today on our drive home from the mountains I was trying to make out my kids Christmas list. I almost gave up. It seems every single thing they were saying they wanted was MIC. Disney Fairie princesses, Lego x-box game, American Girl doll clothes, Red power ranger costume, etc, etc, etc. Can you even go into the Disney store and find something that's not? I do know that Playmobil is ok and so are Legos. A bunch of Step 2 and little Tykes products are made in the US. Handmade is great, but there's just not enough time to get everything done that I want to do. I'm also too much of a pefectionist. I'm not giving up though. I want my kids to know that this is important. That we need to be the change we want to see in the world. I want them to know I'm taking a stand for something and not giving up. Wow, look at me feeling all passionate! Maybe at some point I'll even make a little button up or whatever to put up on my sidebar. Here's to a Made in Somewhere Else Christmas!


Natalie said...

It's a tough one, I agree, especially for older children whose intersts are on the electronics end of the toy spectrum. I am motivated though.
BTW to make links in your post see if this works: Infinity More Monkeys

Felicia said...

Jennifer is certainly inspirational!

Jennfier said...

Hey there -- first, thanks for all the nice words! Makes me sit here, smiling, feeling good about all that is blogland.... Anyway, did you know that basically any pattern company (Butterick, McCalls, Simlicity, etc.) puts out doll clothes patterns that fit American Girl Dolls? It's worth checking them out (and what American Girl charges for their clothes is scary too, isn't it?). Dean and I are working through how to assess his wish list for MIC and work through our compromises; he's very supportive of the idea (he loves reading labels, bless his 9-year-old heart) and understands it in terms of the environmental issues. Did you see that lead in toys was big news again today?

JoAnna said...

Oh those toys! I am feeling the same frustration here. I know I won't be able to do completely China-free or handmade, but I do think at least being conscious of it and changing something is better than not doing anything at all.