Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Something to post

Right now I have lots of things that I'm working on, but nothing that I can show yet. Baby gifts, Christmas presents and birthday treats. I really want to try and post every day this week as part of getting back into our school routine. School starts next Monday, Ugh! I've really enjoyed having my daughter home and the care free lazy days that we had. All the traveling, the days at the pool, the projects, the not having to go anywhere if we didn't want to. I guess all good things really do have to end at some point! Here for your viewing pleasure is a set of Rapunzel felt finger puppets I made not too long ago fora friends birthday. In our house we love finger puppets, especially the Folkmanis ones. I think last count we had 47.


Mebsmommy said...

Thanks for stopping by to say "hi!"

I love the finger puppets.....hhhhmmmm.........another crafty idea for a rainy day!

Oh, and you kids are adorable!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I love your finger puppets. I've just been helping my daughter make some finger puppets for Brownies though they're slightly simpler in design. You have some great ideas on your blog so I'll be coming back to visit.

JoAnna said...

So very cute!

hannah said...

cute finger puppets, what a great idea to make for birthday presents. just discovered your blog, so I am going to go and have a browse round it now!!