Saturday, August 25, 2007

Dreams do come true!

There are a few things in my life I never thought I would be so completely geeked out about. The first one was a minivan. I feel weird saying it, but I'm really quite thrilled to have one. The other one is a Dyson vacuum. Who gets so completely excited about getting a vacuum? Well, I sure did when my honey surprised me with this amazing Dyson as an early birthday present. Isn't it great?! I'm off to vacuum all the floors vents, fan blades and anything else I can think of.
***UPDATE*** I just got done vacuuming my house and just about gagged! I can't believe the stuff that that amazing machine picked up! I think I'm going to go vacuum everything again just to be sure. I'm having such a great time. I am a nerd!


daisies said...

*gasp* you have a dyson !!! my husband and i drool often over these beauties ... someday :)

monique(moki) said...

OHHHH MY HECK!!!! So cool ;)

kami said...

You're no geek, Anthony and I are dying for one, too! There's a really cute aqua blue one at Walmart...:) Anyway, what an AWESOME bday present, I'm so exicted for you!!!