Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Finger puppet

This is my newest knitted project, a finger puppet. She's being sent as a thank you gift to an extremely special person.
I love knitted projects that only take a couple of hours to whip up. She was fun to make. I've never had to increase stitches before and I was able to figure it out. I'm always excited when I can do things by following a diagram. That's always been difficult for me. The eyes look like google eyes in the picture, but they're actually small bits of felt. It's "sew" hard sewing such itty bitty pieces of felt. It just falls apart when you stick the needle through.
For those of you waiting for your amazing buttons to come to you, I'm still waiting on a couple of people to send theirs know who you are! I promise it's worth the wait, these are amazing!!


est said...

this is cute! i'm very impressed with knitters and crocheter because i could never figure out the knitting instructions. i'd always stuck in somewhere ;/ and you can make zillions cute things especially amigurumi with crochet and knitting!!!

sure it's worth the waiting for the swap buttons!! jess, would it be alright if you can list down all the swappers blog so that we can have a peek ;) & know who's in? thx!!

JoAnna said...

Very cute! Don't you just feel great when you figure something out?

Marisa said...

Cool crochet! Love it! Very creative.