Friday, August 24, 2007

Secret Santa Christmas Swap

I'm so excited about doing this swap! I always start planning Christmas things around August, so this fits in just beautifully. I'm really eccited too, because I got hmmmmmmmmm from hmmmmmmmm. I checked out her blog and am planning on making her hmmmmmmmmm and hmmmmmmm. I hope hmmmmmmm is excited, because this is going to be great! I did notice some bloggers were posting some of their faves to help their partners out, so I thought I'd do the same.
My favorite colors combos are green/brown, blue/brown and pink/brown. I really like brown.
My favorite artist is Frida
I love folk art. I enjoy knitting and embroidery. I like working with felt. My three kids keep me happily busy, but if I have a break late at night, I enjoy watching lifetime movies or taking a bath-by myself. I like to read funny books and write letters to people. I love baking and painting. I wish I had more dates with my husband, knew more about quilting, lived somewhere that had rain, but no snow. I hate the feel of wet dog food, not having a project to work on, hair behind the bathroom door, and getting to the post office with three kids.
I hope that helps you if you need it secret swap partner!


Raesha D said...

I'm in this swap too!!! I have NO idea what I'm going to make my partner...but I love your lead of posting some likes in your blog:)

Chookyblue said...

my lips are sealed.......great idea posting some info about yourself..........wonder if you swap partner is peeking......