Sunday, August 22, 2010


Goal for the week. Strike a balance between doing the stuff I love in order to find contentment. I struggle with the joy I find in being domestic. I love hanging out the laundry, baking anything, creating new things, keeping a clean house etc... I also find extreme joy in being able to throw my sneakers on and run out my door. Seeing the mileage add up and knowing what I can accomplish. I have a goal to not let one of these things outweigh the other one. I find joy in both and miss one when I spend too much time doing the other. Which leads to a weird anxiety. This week will be an attempt at keeping the see saw balanced.

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Natalie said...

I have to say... I find your struggles admirable. Seriously, I wish I were more of either... fit or neat. But balance is often the key, right? I hope you find it. I hope I find balance, as well as the good sense to get fit, and be organized.
So, I wonder how I can balance fitness, cleaning, and making one of those adorable egg books?!