Sunday, August 22, 2010


This is one of my most favorite men in the world. He is slowly fading away with Alzheimer's. It's hard to watch. I have memories of him. He is always reading. He was always so strong and would scare us to death with his deep voice when chasing us. I remember holding onto him in the pool and how he smells of old spice. I know he could build anything. His stories of the Grand Canyon, Bandelier and being in the Navy. How he came to my 16th birthday party with his ear pierced. Cheering me on at basketball games louder than anyone else in the building. Working on our stamp collections while it poured rain outside and eating chocolate pudding. He's got such a warm sensitive side. Saying goodbye to him stabs a knife in my heart and twists it. He gets teary eyed and puts his hand up to his mouth as if to suppress the tears. He is such a dear man. I hope we can hang onto him for just a little longer.

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