Sunday, August 22, 2010


There are women in our lives who inspire us. This is one of mine. Grandma. Spending the past few days with her reminded me what an amazing woman she is. Always she had time for me and all my friends growing up. Buying us our favorite cereal and making us delicious cinnamon toast, hot chocolate with ice cream and serving it on cookie trays in front of the tv. Saving spoonfuls of cookie dough for us if we're not around to pick at the bowl. Never very loud but always soft spoken. Giving gifts of books to encourage our love for reading. Reminding us not to forget to appreciate the spiritual things in life. Nibbling on our necks and squeaky smooches. "Grandma Loves Me Very Much" we would always tell her. Newspaper clippings and gentle smiles. Yearly calendars with everyones birthdays from the whole entire family. If nothing else I hope I can write more letters, read more books and be mindful of others like she is.

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