Friday, November 14, 2008

Leaves and Lean To's

Do you ever have one of those Saturdays that is so fantastic, because you don't have to do anything? That was our Saturday last week. We had no obligations, so we played in the yard. After years of having a postage stamp size yard, it's wonderful being able to go out and play. It's wonderful having leaves to jump in. We cut down limbs that were falling down anyway from past storms.
C worked really hard on making herself a lean-to, as she calls it. I was actually really impressed with how it turned out, especially since she did it all herself.

And really are there many things in life that are better than running and jumping in leaves in footy pajamas?

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arianabanana said...

I hear ya there!!! You gotta enjoy the warm days when they come along. I love the lean to. My kids miss your kids.