Monday, January 28, 2008

We thank thee O God for a Prophet

Words can not express the love, admiration and gratitude that I feel for this man. He has helped to lift my soul on a daily basis. I will miss you.


Kris said...

Me too! Thanks for posting this! He changed our life with the small temples. I never thought we would have a temple in our city. My husband and I had to travel overseas to be sealed. My daughter and her husband were sealed 10 minutes from our home. What a blessing!

debijeanm said...

I'm not LDS, but I have lived part-time in Utah for the last five years and developed a great respect and affection for Gordon Hinckley. We need more leaders with true faith, willing to lead through compassion, not ego. My condolences.

kami said...

He's always been one of my heros, someone I could look up to--not just for religion, but for every day living and how he treated people, no matter who they were. His funeral services are going to be on tv on Saturday, I'm definitely going to try to watch--and I know I'm going to cry like a baby!