Saturday, January 5, 2008

Happy New Year

So, the first week of my new year was not what I could have hoped for. My Honey had to start the overnight shift at the beginning of the week. Which means that he leaves at 11:30pm, gets home at 9am, sleeps all day, wakes up around three back to bed at 8, and then starts all over again. I am not a big fan of this schedule. Transitioning to this routine might not have been so bad except for the first 3 days the baby was super sick and puking all over the place, but only at night. Then I got it then Miss C got it. I think today is the first day where we all feel OK. So if you're like me and just having a freakin great new year, you probably could use some magic and/or a good laugh in your life right now. Let me recommend these 2 movies for you. Stardust was amazing! Personally I'm not sure why it didn't do better in the theater. A movie about a nerdy boy who is in love with a girl who won't give him the time of day. Then he sees a star fall from the sky. If he can bring the fallen star to her she will marry him. As it turns out, stars are really human like creatures. The witches see the star fall and are trying to hunt her as well, to cut her heart out in order to be young again. Then there's the evil princes and the lightning pirates and the magic and everything else. I'm not always great at descrbing movies, but this one is fantastic.
Then there's Balls of Fury. If you need a good laugh and enjoy ping pong and Christopher Walkien like I do, you will laugh so hard watching this. Really, I don't think that there's much more that needs to be said for that. Anyhow, hopefully week 2 of 2008 gets better!


debijeanm said...

I had to come and say thank-you for recommending the Mother Earth... book and lo! you are talking about Stardust. First things first. I just got my copy and can't wait to share it with the quilters in my life. What an amazing book and I would never have known about it without your mention. Thank you for sharing with us.

Now, Stardust. I don't understand why this wasn't a huge hit either except that the editing makes it seem a little choppy. But the cast was wonderful (wasn't DeNiro a riot?) and the story very clever. The effects couldn't be beat. I enjoyed every bit of it (especially the end as The Girlfriend realizes what she got and what she gave up. Hmmmpphhh.!

kami said...

Yikes, Jess! I'm so sorry you had such a horrible New Year! That schedule sounds awful. But I'm glad you're all starting to feel a little better.

We rented Balls of Fury the week of Christmas, and yes it was funny. :) I haven't seen Stardust yet, but I've wanted to ever since I saw the preview.