Thursday, January 17, 2008

Pellon Printing

A few years ago I started collecting quiet books. I love them. I think I've made 4 all together. I have 6 pattern books. They're so detailed and time consuming, they do take awhile to make, but the results are so worth it. Normally I do these on muslin. However, this week I have discovered something new. Quiet books can also be made on a material called pellon. It's amazing stuff. Especially because I just found out you can print directly onto the stuff if it's cut down to the right size. And you can even print in color. The color is a little bit light, but I think I can fix that by coloring lightly over it with crayon. This opens up a whole new world of possibilities. I envision doing a bunch of file folder games in one big book. I have plans to get one done for each of my kids for Valentines day. It might just happen with this new technique, I'll post when it's done.


Jennifer said...

Tell us more -- where do the patterns come from, and how do they work? Can you post pictures of the ones you've completed? I've heard of Pellon interfacing -- is that the product you're using? I'm just really curious about this!!

karen said...

I just might have to come over one day and do some with you. I have been wanting to do something that Austin can do during church quitely. I like the ones lisa has and think you have them too. Mind if I borrow some?

debijeanm said...

Hi, Jess. Just wanted to let you know that "we" have sold at least a half dozen copies of Mother Earth... since I saw it on your blog and ordered my own copy. Everyone at work who sees it heads home and orders it (or multiple copies) that night. Thanks again.