Sunday, December 7, 2008

Peppermint bark

How to make peppermint bark. Melt your chocolates. 1 bag of milk and one bag of white. First melt the milk chocolate and spread out over a lined cookie sheet. Let cool in the fridge to get hard. Next spread the melted white chocolate over the milk chocolate.
While the chocolates are melting, use a rolling pin to crush up half a box of candy canes. Pour crushed candy canes over the white chocolate while it's still warm. Gently press the candy in to help keep it all from falling off once it's cooled.

Finally remove from the fridge and attempt to break into huge chunks with hands. Realize that won't work and smash strategically with a hammer.

Eat your peppermint bark and laugh at all those suckers at the mall paying 25$/ box, Ha!


eb said...

oh my goodness that looks good - reminding me of my Gramma...

yummy goodness!

xox - eb.

Natalie said...

It smells delicious... right through the monitor!

karen said...

Sounds great. Only my kids wouldnt eat it. They dont like the pepermint so I guess we will have to use something else.

Hows Wibnews. did she have her baby yet?

Jenn and Brett said...

that looks yummy i will have to try that recipe, thanks

Cele said...

This looks delicious. I must give it a try. We don't have this in Ireland. Perhaps I could be a pioneer and introduce it. :)