Friday, October 3, 2008


We were so blessed this week to have an Exchange student with us from Japan. Tomoyo was so much fun to have here and such a sweet person. She made having an exchange student everything I could ever want it to be. She brought us beautiful stationary, bath salts, Hello Kitty toothbrushes, Japanese chocolates and yummy snacks. One night she also brought spices to make a tasty dinner that is apparently the favorite food to the people of Osaka. I don't know how to spell what the name of the dish is called, but it was basically like a pancake with cabbage, bacon and corn inside. I have to admit, one reason I was so excited to have her was to translate my craft books for me. Unfortunately her English is not quite good enough to tell me the interpretations. Maybe someday. For now I am just grateful that she came to see us. Our lives are better for having her in them for a moment.

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