Wednesday, August 27, 2008

New Decade

These are the super amazing sunny flowers that my honey gave me for the celebration of the 3rd decade of my life. I love them. I love that he go me these and not roses or carnations. They were exactly what I needed and are perfect. I can't believe 30 years! I will make a choice now to embrace it. To be more confident. To accomplish things I set out to accomplish, not to stress and to enjoy more. This will be a good new chapter.


Jason said...

congratulations! I hope the next 3 decades are just as good as your last 3.

A-me said...

Happy Birthday! :) Welcome to the land of 30. It's a fun place to be! :)

Ame ;)

mommacurran said...

30 has been good for me so far. I was very nervous and felt sooooooo has been 5 months and so far so good. Happy Birthday! The flowers are beautiful.