Monday, March 17, 2008

Another one

What, 2 Posts in one day?! Yes, I had so much fun doing the bunnies earlier that I whipped this one out to send to my sister in the mail. She needs a little magic right now. I had someone ask how I do these. I saw Martha make one at Valentines and got obsessed. I went out and bought the Martha craft knife at Michaels.I have to say that little tool makes all the difference in the world! I get my patterns by doing searches for free papercutting patterns on Google, or using the silhouette designs that come for free in the Dover Sampler. I've cut things out of typing paper, cardstock, and tissue paper. I don't know which I really like the best. There is still tons I need to learn about this craft, but I sure am enjoying the things that I'm doing now!


arianabanana said...

ARGH!!!! Will you stop being so dang crafty and home makery and skinny and cute? Your ticking me off and making me feel like a big fat lazy blob!!!! Can't you just be lazy and buy your bread at the store or something so I can feel better about myself? Sheesh!!! :)~

kami said...

That's so pretty! Has she received it yet? I'd love to hear about her reaction. And I would so love to get into this craft! Thanks for the tips!