Friday, November 23, 2007

A week of being grateful #3

I am thankful for friends. I think there are days when I know I love my friends more than my husband. I remember being about 12 and eating dinner with my grandparents and a group of thier friends. There was one woman who was new to this social circle. She kept saying how alone she was. She'd reached a point in her life where all her friends had died. That has always stuck with me. I'm thankful every day that I have friends to call on for adult conversation, to rescue me from my reality if I need a break, but at the same time give me a reality check if I need it. I'm thankful for friends who build me up and make me feel loved and amazing. Thankyou.


trashalou said...

We don't have a formal thanksgiving in Australia but I too like to think of the things/people/situations I am grateful for.

kami said...

How sad for that woman! It's awesome that your family befriended her. And seriously, having our circle of friends through high school is something I will never forget. You all saved me from insanity. :) I just wish we lived closer now and that I had more time to keep in touch with everyone who's important to me. How does anyone have a life when they're in school? I don't know! Anyway, I'm so glad we're still friends after all these years. I love you, girl!