Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A week of being grateful #2

I meant to post this last night, but I wasn't on the computer much. Yesterday all day I felt so thankful that I had a house. The morning news started out my day by saying that two families had lost their homes due to a house fire. It started in one families garage and moved next door. Both houses were a total loss. The thing that struck me the most was when they were interviewing the Mom and she kept saying how she had just finished making her fruit pies that evening. It's so amazing the things that become important to you in times of tragedy. Never mind all her belongings and home and everything else that was a loss, but her fruit pies. I felt overcome that I needed to help these families. Then I started thinking about all the other families who have been homeless, but aren't getting the attention because their homes didn't just burn down. There are so many people that need assistance. Then I started looking around my house. Yes, I wish it was much bigger. I wish that I had a studio and not just the back of closets, a playroom, a soaker tub, a yard, etc... But I do I have a home. It usually smells of freshly baked goods or fresh laundry. A lot of the time there are happy voices and fun projects. I have a place to get away from the cold or hide from the heat. I have an address for mail to be delivered to. I have rooms to send my children to;) I have a kitchen to bake in and a table to gather around. I have a bed with lots of warm blankets and squishy pillows. I have access to hot and cold water by turning a knob and electrcity with the flip of a switch. I have a home and I am grateful for it.


est said...

thanks for sharing! sometimes we (i) tend to forget how fortunate we are and it's good to reflect and give thanks.

daisies said...

yes ... its true, you are sooo right. thank you for this!!

lots of love, xox

kami said...

Thank you for the reminder that when we wish things were better, there are people who have it much worse. I admit I need to have those reminders often because I can be pretty pessimistic.

And I'm SO glad I FINALLY get to see a photo of your house! It's cute! I'm still dying to see the inside and how cute you've made it.