Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween snow

For 3 days before Halloween we had nothing but heavy snow. When it had all stopped we ended up with 28 inches. Here it is at the peak of all the snow.
Two days later it all melted away for us to go trick or treating. That's Colorado for you.


Monique said...

I didnt even realize you had upadated! Look at your cute kiddos! Oh to have snow like that... once in a while.

Natalie said...

All gone? Amazing, and warm enough for tricks and treats? That's pretty neat.

Cele said...

Wow that snow is amazing, we never get snow like that.
Cute trick or treaters :)

kami said...

That snow is beautiful! I love white blankets of snow like that and we don't get enough of it in Boise. Glad you were able to go out for Halloween, though! That's good timing! And the kids look great!